First Response provides an ambulance workstation to Critical Care Transfer training day

We have recently been asked by Dr Ferenc Kovari, Consultant Anaesthetist at North Middlesex University Hospital, to provide practical support to Anaesthetists who were on a real-life training course held at the hospital.

The need to transfer Intensive Care patients from one hospital to another is on the increase and becoming more commonplace than ever.

The complex requirements of transporting a critically ill patient needs meticulous preparation and advanced training for staff is essential.

Our modern innovative vehicles and equipment made an impressive classroom where we were able to demonstrate how effectively our service can be applied to critical care transfers during a level 3 transfer.  We facilitated the ambulance workstation and covered some of the common problems that can occur during such an event.

Delegates at the training course were suitably impressed with the vehicle and the equipment on board, and found it very useful to have the vehicle as a part of the course.

The training course covered topics such as, transferring the critically ill, physiological effects of a transfer, medico-legal aspects of transfer and pre-transfer stabilisation.

Dr Kovari commented “I would like to thank First Response for assisting me with the first Critical Care Transfer Course at the hospital, and I will be asking for support on my future courses, the standard of knowledge from the FR staff was excellent to help us the Doctors to understand some of the problems that can occur during a transfer”.

23 February 2015 by Dean Smith, Senior Business Development Executive

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