Innovation in Ambulance and Paramedic Services

In our second year of attending the event in Manchester, it was good meet up with some old faces and some fresh ones who were hoping to learn something new at this year’s Innovation in Ambulance & Paramedic Servcies meeting.

From a First Response perspective, it was evident from the delegate list and the list of speakers that Urgent Care was still firmly on the NHS agenda.  The focus for this seminar was about how commissioning and paramedic workforce models needed to evolve to reduce urgent admissions.  Could this mean that Urgent and Emergency Care have moved on from winter pressures to service burdens that will exist for 365 days of every year?

Most A&E Clinicians I have met in the preceding months have said that we need to develop robust urgent care solutions and at this seminar it was obvious that the crucial role of ambulance and paramedic services in urgent care were being redefined to meet with is an ever increasing demand for services.

With the pressure piling on for Urgent Care we need to use the insight we have already gained from the evolving urgent care arena and practical case studies and develop ambulance and paramedic-led solutions for services across the country.

We, and the delegates at this meeting, need a better understanding of what will change and how it will benefit patients; anything from fulfilling commissioners needs to delivering efficient workforce models.  Urgent Care can alleviate some of the pressures but we need concrete solutions that will support patients when they make use of this service at any time in the future.

There is no national solution as each locality or region will have its own pressures and can only be solved by new local experts who can apply any practical tools to the issues in the area.

With our services at First Response we are able to be part of the solution and will be happy to talk further with Commissioners that want this service to be part of their Urgent Care agenda. 


02 June 2015 by Dean Smith, Senior Business Development Executive, First Response

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