Driving Patient Transport Forward - 7th May, Birmingham

It is easy to get ahead of yourself when asked to chair a national meeting whose subject is about trying to improve the system and sector we work in.  As I watch the audience starting to find their seats I remind myself that these people could easily know more about the PTS industry than I do. A sobering thought just as the meeting kicks off.

This gathering of the great minds of PTS in Birmingham had superb presentations by Commissioners from both Health and County Council backgrounds, designers of systems which manage patient access, and high level CSU staff presenting on managing quality. Also on the list of thought provoking presentations were key managers in the PTS system who argued that their insight into methods of enabling a smooth discharge process allowed for better integration with social care and patient safety.

In the audience were many like-minded professionals who know their onions. They “got” the technical nature of the presentations and asked really pertinent questions, which in turn got other audience members to join in. Hey presto! A debate about the state of our industry! Worth chairing that!

The aim of getting all these people to a meeting is to try and improve PTS, and to be fair it is not all going so well around the country as it stands. With the NHS facing significant future funding cuts and integration an easy win to save money, we need the best and brightest in the business to think how we deliver a higher quality service and provide better value.

At Medical Services this approach is one we are taking ourselves at a local level, where we are putting our staff meetings to good us to share and generate ideas and agree how to improve services to patients. As the saying goes, if we don’t, someone else will!

27 May 2014 by Joe Sheehan

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