Beyond Compliance

Compliance is a challenge whichever industry you work in – it underpins all aspects of what we set out to do.  The risk is it’s seen as a tick box exercise and not a true way to manage process and behaviour effectively within an organisation.

My focus at Medical Services is not just being compliant but going beyond compliance by understanding that it makes business sense and showing that it can make a significant impact on the bottom line, by ensuring things are done correctly and for the right reasons.  

How can this translate into what is happening on the ground?  If things are done properly, fairly and transparently both staff and Medical Services benefit through a better working relationships. The great challenge in that is we need to get as many staff as possible to “sing from the same hymn sheet”.  It is not so much about how we sing but what we sing that can play a part in going beyond compliance.

Risky?  Maybe.  If we took the “jobsworth” approach and did things for the sake of doing them or stuck with the way it’s always been done then we would achieve compliance - no problem.  Would it help the business?  On one hand, yes as makes statistics look good, on the other hand, no as we would continue doing the same things in the same way without asking why – which is particularly risky if those approaches are not achieving the desired bottom line. 

Approaches to staff management need to change and whilst change can be a challenge, change is good, and change comes from meaningful feedback from all staff in the organisation and everyone understanding what it means to go beyond compliance.

Through the Staff Engagement programme, which started at the beginning of the year, we have put in place mechanisms to capture feedback so we can make changes which are relevant and meaningful to staff. This means that we can challenge and change the status quo together and go beyond compliance.

06 June 2014 by An Margison, Director of Human Resources

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