The Commissioning Show 2014

As the walkways of the Commissioning Show 2014 started filling up I did wonder what new things this event would present us with as it is the only opportunity to talk to the entire health and social care sector.  A networker’s paradise.

When you see all of these people in one place you can then understand the enormity of the NHS but also appreciate the service it provides to patients.

With that in mind I approached our stand, which was positioned near the Commissioning Support Theatre, and looked at our two new vehicles with great pleasure in the knowledge that our vision resulted in a new A&E vehicle as well as an electric prototype that we hope will soon become a reality.  My attention soon returned to the show when I found some reading material about the show.

The headlines of the show newsletter say that it is all about “future of commissioning services”, “integrated care is the only way forward” and “achieving best value for commissioning support”.  When you talk to people, in many cases clinicians and nurses, on the stand you understand the real concerns behind these headlines and what it means in terms of providing patients with the care they need.

CCGs are now in the second year of their existence and moving them forward should be wrestled away from the political football they could become.  The discussion about the future of CCGs should be left to Commissioners and the NHS rather than an election debate with empty promises.

However, it is very encouraging to hear CCGs talk about the practical ways that need to be put in place but what I am less convinced about is how this might work for patient transport within the broader discussion about CCGs.  What we see on the ground doesn’t always correspond with the big picture that is on display at events such as this one.

27 June 2014 by Kevin Shire, Managing Director

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