About us

First Response is a highly professional, HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) paramedic led ambulance service operating in pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Critical Care and Urgent Care settings. Supporting the NHS or and Independent sector healthcare organisations needs co-ordination, communication and access to the right professionals with the right set of skills.

First Response is able to deploy ambulances with specialist staff to satisfy the requirements of each client. Our service technology platform has had significant investment and comprises high-end Corpuls3 telemedicine with technical support from satellite tracking, mobile data and N3 secure booking.  We operate a clinically led 24 hour control room managing a million NHS funded journeys a year.

First Response works in cooperation with Falck, the Scandinavian based leading  global emergency services provider, to develop the most responsive, trusted ambulance partner in the UK today. Learning from best practice gained over 100 years of delivering EMS services across the Europe, Falck are not only sharing advanced technology but also sharing core values and investing in high quality staff training.