In the world of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) within the emergency medicine sector our staff complement is an “asset” that needs continuous nurturing with new and improved techniques that will allow them to develop as an individual that can continue to deliver key services to patients.

Our training programmes play a pivotal role in staff motivation and recruitment.  While an individual may apply for a specific role, more and more people also want to understand what their prospects are within the company.  Investment in training is essential in developing a workforce that can meet the challenges of a modern service today. Many of our operational challenges are addressed proactively using a more consistent and ongoing approach to training and development, resulting in better staff retention, happier crews and a better patient experience.

As part of our commitment to ongoing development, our staff are involved in a range of additional activities:

  • Staff regularly attend Governance CPD nights to allow monthly updates
  • Paramedics undertake clinical placement in speciality departments in a major NHS hospital Trust
  • Paramedics working on the Critical Care vehicles have undertaken the North West London Critical Care Transfer course