Medical Services rolls out new Traffilog vehicle telematics to improve fleet efficiency

02 June 2015

Medical Services rolls out new Traffilog vehicle telematics to improve fleet efficiency

Medical Services, one of the largest providers of patient transport in the UK, kicked off an extensive rollout in Shropshire of a new cloud based vehicle telematics system produced by Traffilog Nordic, a leading global producer of advanced vehicle telematics solutions.

Vehicle telematics uses a GPS (global positioning system) to monitor and record details about the vehicle which are then fed back to a central system where the data is analysed and reports generated to encourage both driver and manager to deploy more efficient driving techniques to transport patients safely and securely.

Kevin Shire, Managing Director of Medical Services, says, “We awarded the contract to Traffilog as we believe they are most suited to our needs and will help us deliver a more efficient service to patients and clients alike.

“The rollout of the Traffilog service across the business will also enable us to develop our staff to become more aware and proficient at transporting patients for our clients which in the long term will support our national drive to reduce costs.”

The rollout which has started in Shropshire will also be applied to other new contracts such as Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire  and Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where new vehicles will be deployed.

Mikkel Nilsson, Senior Project Manager at Traffilog is delighted to have won the contract and added, “We are very pleased to be working with such a prestigious organisation in the UK such as Medical Services and look forward to a productive relationship that will allow us to install our systems and continue to improve vehicle efficiency for the whole fleet.”

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