In the UK we remain the most experienced and longest serving provider of non-emergency transport services (NEPTS) and as our service has developed and matured we have learned a great deal. We are part of the new wave of providers who will be offering more complex ambulance transfers and emergency services.  We have joined with Falck, the leader and most respected global provider of emergency medical services (EMS) operating in 44 countries, to underpin our knowledge and support our development in this market sector.

Our partnership and learning opportunities sometimes result from our clinical skills and governance, but most importantly, they have enabled us to maintain strong relationships built on consistent values applied to our every day operations. The Falck team have successfully applied core values to secure the service which has been built over 100 years. This has defined the same quality and professionalism with every patient contact, in every country, every day of the week.


Fast, efficient, helpful competent, reliable and accessible.

Falck Core Values


We have embarked on a staff engagement programme to help us listen to what our staff say and share examples of how core values are applied to care for our patients in everyday PTS and ambulance transfers.

Our core values are about getting the everyday context understood to meet the needs of our patients. Everything else will grow over time. 


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